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Edit your Photos

Mimeo Photos supports round trip editing where you can easily change a photo's light and color for optimal printing, using Apple Photos.

A great way to lighten, brighten, or perfect your photos is by accessing Apple's photo editor right from your project. This is a great way to edit on the go!


Note: Editing your pictures is only available on the Mimeo Photos Mac App


There are important things to know

Mimeo Photo is an extension of Apple Photos, we access your photos via links to your photo library. Our recommendation is to first edit the photos then import them into the project. This will cut down on refresh time.

  1. If you exit the Mimeo Photos application to edit your photo, it will reload your project to apply those changes.

  2. This also means changes you make while using round trip editing will be applied to the photo in your library. 

To engage round trip editing from within Mimeo Photos:

First, Double click on any photo in the layout of your project (not in the photos toolbar) -or - click 'Edit' in the toolbar below the photo