What is the difference between a Photo Book and a Layflat Photo Book?

A Layflat photo book from Mimeo Photos transcends the ordinary gift-giving experience! Share a curated collection of memories, a story told through vibrant images and heartfelt words; making it a truly personalized and thoughtful gift.


Binding: Unlike a traditional photo book where individual pages are glued into the binding, a layflat photo book utilizes one continuous sheet of paper folded at the center for each pair of facing pages. This unique process allows images to span across two pages without interruption, providing an optimal platform for showcasing panoramic or landscape-oriented photos.

Page Quality: The pages in a layflat album are thicker compared to the flexible pages often found in standard photo books. This sturdier construction not only enhances the tactile experience, making browsing photos feel akin to exploring an art gallery, but also boosts the durability of the pages.

Presentation: A layflat photo book provides a seamless, immersive viewing experience. This feature, combined with the continuity of images across the spread, amplifies the visual impact of your photos, adding a professional and artistic touch to your cherished memories.