There are two methods of exporting PDFs both out of Apple Photos and Mimeo Photos. 

Apple Photos Project PDF Export

This process is used for creating print-ready PDFs to import into our printing site of projects that were created in an Apple Photos Project and have not or cannot be converted to Mimeo Photos. 

This PDF allows you to view and print your Apple Photos Project. These file types can be uploaded to our import site.

Find out how here: How do I use the Apple Photo Project Ordering Service

Mimeo Photos PDF Export

This process is used for creating view only PDFs for proofing your project and sharing with friends, family or co-workers. This PDF will be emailed to you upon request. 

Please note: the rendering of your Mimeo Photos PDF is processed in the order the requests are was submitted. Depending on our current order load, the rendering time could take from one minute to a couple of hours.

Find out how here: Export Mimeo Photos PDFs


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