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Why won't my PDF validate on the import site?

Why won't my PDF validate on the import site? Understanding what causes you to receive the 'Validation Failed' error when uploading to import.mimeophotos.com.


When using the Mimeo Photos Import Service to upload PDFs that have been created from old Apple projects, you may run into validation issues.

Validation of the Print Ready PDF will fail under the following circumstances:

  • The project is over 100 pages

  • The project contains over 2000 photos

  • Photos were edited outside of Apple iPhoto/Photos

  • The dimensions of the product do not match one of Mimeo Photos product offerings found below

  • The PDF format is not "production-ready"

Mimeo Photos Product Offerings:

Landscape photobooks:

  • Softcover: 8×6 inches or 20.32×15.24 cm

  • Hardcover: 11×8.5 inches or 27.94×21.59 cm

  • Hardcover: 13×10 inches or 33×25.4 cm

Square photobooks:

  • Softcover: 8×8 inches or 20.3×20.3 cm

  • Hardcover: 10×10 inches or 25.4×25.4 cm


  • 13×10 inches or 33×25.4 cm


  • 4×6 inches or 10.16×15.24 cm

  • 5×7 inches or 12.7×17.78 cm

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