Using Text in Your Photos Project (Motif)

Using Text in Your Photo Project. Add and edit text boxes to your photo project. Adjusting, moving and using text in your project.


How to add and delete text 


  1. To add text to your layout, click on the Design Options dropdown in the bottom corner below your project.
  2. Choose between adding your text as a Page Caption or add text Over your Images
  3. A text box will appear on the page along with an editing control panel. 
  4. Click in the text box to enter text. 
  5. Click outside of the box to hide the frame and control panel.
  6. To delete the text box, click the text to reveal the box and control panel.
  7. Click the trash can icon in the lower right corner of the control panel and the text box will disappear. 
  8. Click the Design Options dropdown to create a new text box. Our video demonstration will walk you through the process again. 


How to move text boxes?


  1. Click the text directly. A text box will appear on the page along with an editing control panel. 
  2. Within the editing control panel, click the crosshair icon above the trash can icon.
  3. A crosshair icon will appear in your text boxClick and drag this crosshair icon. Your text box will follow the movement to your preferred location. 


How to resize text boxes?


  1. To change the size and shape of a text box, move the mouse over the edge of the text box
  2. Once over it, the cursor will turn into a drag handle, and a border line will appear
  3. Click and drag the drag handle, and the border line will follow your movement to indicate the new size and shape of the text box. 
  4. The text inside the text box will automatically adjust its position with the shape of the box.

Please note:

  • Enlarging the size of the text box will allow you more space to write in more text. 
  • Reducing the size of the text box will reduce the space for text.