Text Overlay

How to create a text overlay?

  1. Overlaying text on an image can create strong, diverse, interesting visual effects, and enhance the overall page layout of your photo project. 
  2. To position text to overlay an image, click the crosshair icon above the trash can icon.
  3. crosshair icon will appear in the text box. Click and drag the text box to the preferred location. 
  4. Using the drag handles, spread the single photo until it fills the entire page. 
  5. Change the font to a darker color and select a bolder font weight.  
  6. Increase contrast between the photo and text by adjusting and reducing the opacity of the photo.  
  7. Click on the photo to show the image control panel.
  8. Click the “Adjust Image Opacity” icon to slightly reduce the transparency of the image. Click out of the album page. The text is now easier to read over the image.