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Shared Projects

How to Share Your Projects With Others for Ordering

The Mimeo Photos for Mac app allows you to share your completed hardcover photo books effortlessly with friends, family, club members, or business associates. Once you finalize your project, everyone you’ve shared with will receive email invitations to a secure web page, where they can view your project in full and opt to purchase a printed copy.

The process is streamlined with an easy wizard that guides you through sharing your project. You simply enter the email addresses of your contacts and add a description to give context and spark interest.

Once shared, your project is hosted on a dedicated web page where you and your contacts can securely view and order it. As the creator, you’ll also have the ability to update invitations to your shared project or remove it entirely, if necessary. This means less hassle for you in managing orders and deliveries while also offering a more interactive experience for your invites.

Note: Before sharing, make sure your project is finished and ready for printing. Once shared, any new edits made to your project will not be reflected in the shared version.

Step 1

Once you're ready to share your project, click on the "Share" button in the upper-right corner. A pre-flight check is automatically initiated to ensure your project meets our quality standards. If any potential issues are detected, such as low-resolution images or layout concerns, an alert will be displayed. Verify you have reviewed your project by selecting "My book is finished. I'm ready to share it." and click Continue.

Step 2

When using Mimeo Photos for Mac, you will be prompted to sign in if you are not already signed in. Once signed in, enter or paste up to 50 email addresses of people you wish to share your project with, then click Continue.  (You can invite more people from your Share Page later, as needed.)

Step 3

Set up your book's Share Page by providing a Title and optional Description. The Title defaults to your project’s name as shown in the project builder, but you can modify it to better suit your needs. The Description field is optional and allows you to give more context about the book. Both fields will be displayed in the email invitation your contacts receive, as well as on the Share Page. If you need to edit the Title and Description later, you can do so from the Share Page. Once finished, click Continue.

Step 4

Once you've completed the share process, your project's Share Page is created. At this stage, we’ll build previews of your project to display on your Share Page, and invitations to view the project will be sent to your contacts once these previews are ready—typically within an hour.

Manage Your Share Page

Your Share Page allows you to view your project and manage who has access to it. You can access projects you've shared by signing in to your Mimeo Photos account online, clicking on your avatar, choosing Shared Projects and then selecting 'Shared by Me' under the Sharing menu. Here, you can edit your project’s title and description, invite or remove people, and delete the shared project if necessary.

To add or remove invites from your project's Share Page, simply scroll down and use the "Add Invites" or Remove Access ⛔ buttons under the project preview.

If you no longer need to share your project, you can delete the Share Page by scrolling to the very bottom of the page, and clicking on Delete Share Page. This will not delete the project from your designer app – it will only delete the Share Page used by your invitees to view and order your project. 

Making Changes

Once shared, any changes you make to your photo project's content (layout and design, images, text, etc.) will not be applied to the project's Share Page. 

If you need to make edits to the content of your project, you have two options: 

  • The first option is to Delete the project's Share Page. Then, after completing your edits in the Mimeo Photos for Mac app, generate a new Share Page for your project, and invite your contacts to the new Share Page.
  • The second option would be to Duplicate your project within the Mimeo Photos for Mac app. Then, make the necessary changes in the duplicate project. Finally, generate a new Share Page for the edited project, and invite your desired contacts to view and order your revised project. It's important to understand that this results in a second shared project with a different Share Page URL and potentially different invitees.

Get Support

If you have questions or need assistance with using Shared Projects, we'd love to help out! Contact Mimeo Photos Support via Email or Live Chat for help with creating and sharing your projects: https://support.mimeophotos.com/