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How to Get Started: Calendars (Web Version)

How to Get Started: Calendars (Web Version) Follow these steps to start creating your custom calendar online.

Follow these steps to start creating your custom calendar.

1. Create Your Calendar Project

Click the Create Project and Choose Your Theme

Mimeo Photos offers countless themes (including your identical Apple favorites) to pre-design your calendar with unique layouts, fonts, and colors. And for unlimited creativity, start from scratch with the blank theme.

Note: Calendar themes cannot be changed after you click Select

2. Choose Calendar Preferences

Select the starting month, year, number of months and what day of the week your calendar will start on. You can also choose to include regional holidays.

For a list of the regions supported for holidays with Mimeo Photos, check out this article.

3. Upload Your Photos

Select photos or an entire album that you would like to include in your calendar.

4. Add Photos

To add photos to your calendar, click+drag your photos from the side panel. Even try adding a photo on the back cover!

5. Add Text

To add text to your project click Text on the right-side panel and select Add Empty Text Box or if there is already a text box on the page you can edit the font, size and color.

6. Toggle Autofill Preference

Use the autofill feature to automatically places your photos throughout your calendar.

7. Customize Your Calendar

Customize your calendar with additional edits, adjustments, and designs. Mimeo Photos offers countless layouts, background colors, text options, and more to create a calendar exactly to your imagination.

For more creating and editing tips, check out our helpful articles here.

7. Add Special Events

Add special events to specific dates on your calendar with Mimeo Photos.

  1. Select the Events button on the right-hand panel

  2. Navigate to the month of your event

  3. Click Add New Event, select the date, and add either text or an image

8. Ordering Your Calendar

After your calendar is ready to print, select the Buy button on the top right corner.

After inputting shipping and credit card information, you can also adjust the quantity of your order and enter a promo code before placing your order.

Looking for more information about creating custom calendars? You may find the answers to these FAQs helpful:

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