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Invited to Order? How to Access and Order a Shared Mimeo Photos Project

A Quick Guide to Accessing and Ordering Mimeo Photos Projects that Were Shared with You.

Mimeo Photos makes it easy to create beautiful printed photo projects and to share them with friends, family, or colleagues. If you've been invited to view and order a Mimeo Photos project, follow these simple steps to access and purchase your copy.

Step 1

Once a project has been shared with you, you'll receive an email with a link to the project. These are legitimate emails sent by Mimeo Photos on behalf of the person that created the Mimeo Photos project. The person that shared the project with you is clearly identified by their name and email address. Simply click the button in the email to get started.

Step 2

Upon clicking the link, you'll be prompted to sign in to your Mimeo Photos account. If you don't already have an account, you'll need to create one using the same email address at which you received the invitation. Registration is fast, easy, and secure.

Step 3

After registering or logging in, you should automatically land on the shared project detail page or "Share Page". If, for some reason, you don't, you can always get there by clicking the small picture of you (your avatar) or your initials in the main navigation bar of the Mimeo Photos website. This will show a menu of the various pages in your account. Choose "Shared with Me". This will navigate you to a page showing all the projects that have been shared with you. Select the project you'd like to view. 

Step 4

On the project's Share Page, is an embedded PDF which allows you to review the complete project in detail. Navigate through the PDF using the arrow buttons centered beneath the project. You can enlarge the project by clicking the "Full Screen" link above the PDF. When you have reviewed the project and are ready to order, simply click the "Order" button to proceed to the checkout process.

Now that you know how to access and purchase shared projects, you might want to create and share your own! If you're interested, check out our guide on creating and sharing projects here.

Get Support

If you have questions or need assistance with using Shared Projects, we'd love to help out! Contact Mimeo Photos Support via Email or Live Chat for help with creating and sharing your projects: https://support.mimeophotos.com/