Note: Prints are only available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

Q: What sizes do Photo Prints offer?
A: We currently offer 21 sizes ranging from 2” x 3” all the way up to 20” x 30” large format.

Q: What types of finishes does Photo Prints support?
A: We offer glossy and matte finishes for your prints.

Q: What kind of paper is used for photo prints?
A: Our prints are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type CA paper

Q: Is there a price difference between glossy and matte finishes?
A: There is no price difference between glossy and matte finishes.

Q: What locations does Photos Prints ship to?
A: We currently ship to the United States and Mexico. More locations soon to come!

Q: What is the turn-around time for shipping?
A: It takes 3 business days to process and ship your order. Shipping times vary depending on region, location, and shipping method.

Q: Can I bundle multiple Print sizes?
A: Simply click “Add Format” in your Mimeo Photos app to add extra sizes

Q: What comes in my photo prints package?
A: Each package will come with its own contact sheet, indexing the photo prints in your order

Q: What file types do you support?
A:  We support all files Apple once supported. These include JPEG, PNG, TIFF and most RAW formats. For more information, please click here.

Q: Is there a maximum amount of Prints I can order at once?
A: Currently, the maximum amount of Prints is capped at a quantity of 500 prints for one order.

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