Flat - No Logo
Folded - Logo but can remove
Calendar - Logo but can remove

Flat - No logo
Folded - Logo, but cannot be removed
Calendars - Logo, but cannot be removed

Note: Removing the Mimeo Photos Logo is only available on the Mimeo Photos Mac App

You can remove the Mimeo Photos logo from the back of your calendar or card on the Mimeo Photos App. Click the logo on the bottom right of your app and select No under Print with Logo.

Once you have completed your calendar, click the Buy button in the top right corner of the designer. Choose where you’d like your calendar to go. Then, we will carefully craft and deliver your new photo project to you.

This feature requires Mimeo Photos Version 3.3.0. Update Mimeo Photos to experience the latest features and app updates.

Note: A Mimeo Photos Logo cannot be removed from a photobook

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