We pride ourselves in the work we produce for our customers. If you'd like to return an item because its quality does not meet your expectations, our team is here to make it right!

Please note that the following errors are not included in Mimeo Photo's Return Policy: 

  • Errors in features customized by a user, including choice of colors, cropping, red-eye reduction, and photo enhancements. 
  • Formatting such as, but not limited to page numbers or photo captions. 
  • Low-Resolution images that result in poor image quality 

Please preview any custom text carefully, and correct any mistakes prior to placing your order. Mimeo is unable to make text corrections to image files.

You may see a warning icon if you select a low-resolution image. Preview each page of your book, card or calendar for grainy or pixelated images. Try inserting your photos into a smaller frame when they appear pixelated.

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