Q: What sizes do Photo Prints offer?
A: We currently offer 21 sizes ranging from 2” x 3” all the way up to 20” x 30” large format.

Q: What types of finishes does Photo Prints support?
A: We offer glossy and matte finishes for your prints.

Q: What kind of paper is used for photo prints?
A: Our prints are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type CA paper

Is there a price difference between glossy and matte finishes?
A: There is no price difference between glossy and matte finishes.

What locations does Photos Prints ship to?
A: We currently ship to North America, which includes Canada, United States, and Mexico. More locations soon to come!

What is the turn-around time for shipping?
A: It takes 3 business days to process and ship your order. Shipping times vary depending on region, location and shipping method.

Can I bundle multiple Print sizes?
A: Simply click “Add Format” in your Mimeo Photos app to add extra sizes

What comes in my photo prints package?
A: Each package will come with its own contact sheet, indexing the photo prints in your order

What file types do you support?
 We support all files Apple once supported. These include JPEG, PNG, TIFF and most RAW formats. For more information, please click here.

Q: Is there a maximum amount of Prints I can order at once?
A: Currently, the maximum amount of Prints is capped at a quantity of 500 prints for one order. 

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