Why would I need a PDF? 

Exporting a PDF allows for users to share their amazing ideas with friends, family, and even clients.

It is also a beneficial tool for proofing a project, identifying spelling/grammatical mistakes, misaligned photos, or incorrect cropped photos.

We highly recommend taking advantage of this fantastic feature!!

How do I create a PDF? 

A few simple clicks of a button creates a PDF of your project:

  1. Select the drop down arrow next to the floppy disc icon (shown below)
  2. Select 'Export PDF'
  3. Enter your email address (double check for accuracy) and click

   4. Select Upload Project Photos
   5. Verify Email Address
   6. Once the image upload is complete, you’ll receive an email with a link to          
       download the PDF.

Please note: rendered PDFs are processed in the order they are submitted. Depending on the current demand, the rendering process can take from two minutes to a few hours.

To save the PDF to your computer:

  1. Open the email Mimeo Photos - PDF Link
  2. To open the PDF file click on the blue link under 'File'

   3. A new window will open up containing your project. To save your project click on the Download Button. (If you are using Safari click File and then Export PDF.)

Note: This PDF cannot be uploaded to https://import.mimeophotos.com. The import site is only for PDFs of Apple Photos projects

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