Mimeo Photos is able to detect if the photo resolution of your photo is too low and will indicate this with a red exclamation warning. 

This advisory warning means that you should consider uploading a higher quality photo if you have one to avoid unwanted pixelation and blurriness on those identified photos to ensure that your product turns out looking amazing and fantastic!

The red exclamation warning is only an advisory from Mimeo Photos, and you can go ahead and order your project if you wish to. The red exclamation mark does not prevent you from ordering, but it does warn you that these images may appear sub standard in the finished product.

Common instances of this may be if you use a photo as a background across a page spread (two facing pages), where the photo is enlarged to fill the space, or even as a background on a single page, if the image is not of high enough quality.

We recommend experimenting with your photos to ensure the best possible outcome in your final product.

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